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Here, at Rasmussen Equipment, we supply to construction companies, barge and tugboat operators, marine contractors, the timber and logging industry, fishing companies and General Contractors of all kinds, an extensive line of products that are readily available and competitively priced.

We carry an extensive inventory of wire rope, rigging hardware, chain, synthetic and manilla rope, web slings, as well as being the licensed Slingmax manufacturer of the Twin Path Sling, the most inspect-able high performance fiber synthetic sling available.

We also have one of the largest fleets of used winches in the United States, For Sale or For Rent, with locations in Seattle, Washington and Belle Chasse, Louisiana. We carry Diesel Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electric, Air or Manual powered hoists. We inventory 1,2,3, and 4 drum winches to meet all of your land or marine construction needs – all at competitive prices.


The family owned and operated Rasmussen Company was founded in the early 1930’s by Charles Rasmussen Sr. After working as a salesman, for Seattle Hardware, via horse and buggy, he started building and operating salmon fish traps, which used miles of wire rope. This evolved into the wire rope and rigging company, “Charles H. Rasmussen Company”. His son, Charles Jr., “Charlie” expanded the wire rope and rigging business into the logging/timber industry, along with the local general and marine construction industries, and pioneered new business relationships, in Alaska. When the current owner, Rich Rasmussen, took over the company, in the early 1970’s, the business was expanded to include logging and marine equipment, Skagit deck winches and hoists of all types. Under his leadership, the company has opened a sales office in Singapore, and an office/yard facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, which has been in operation since 1981, selling and renting marine equipment to marine contractors, in the offshore oil industry.

Rasmussen Equipment Rasmussen Company was extensively involved in supplying equipment and wire rope used in the 1982 rebuilding of the Hood’s Canal Bridge, where over a dozen large Skagit winches were utilized, to anchor 26 three million pound anchors. Barges, work boats, and an assortment of heavy rigging hardware items were also utilized on this monumental project. Rasmussen Company was also heavily involved in the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill clean-up project, which involved over 50 winches and hundreds of tons of anchor chain, anchors, and wire rope, which were shipped to Alaska and mobilized aboard barges, for oil cleanup. Rasmussen Company has always taken pride in the fact that its roots are firmly planted in Pacific Northwest soil. Rasmussen Company continues to focus its efforts on the home front, by providing products and services to the construction industry, of the Pacific Northwest. From humble beginnings, with a horse and buggy, to their current status, as a major provider to the construction industry in the Pacific Northwest; Rasmussen Company has kept the same business ethics that allowed the steady and successful growth of this company; that is, integrity, professionalism, and the belief that the customer truly comes first.

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